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About iGugu Trust

IGugu trust was formed in Zimbabwe in the year 2017 to foster care and well being for humans and all living systems, and for the soil by providing trainings to Hwange Communal Lands and other organizations on regenerative agricultural practices. We dream of a future with communal food sovereignty, with individuals that are proud of their roots, deeply connected to their source of life, soil health, food systems, human health, climate health and financial viability. The name IGugu means Treasure- because where your treasure is, there your heart is also.

Our work ethic is that of partnering with the communities we serve, co-creating a context which is able to see transformative work coming to life. To accelerate the impact and to enable their operations to become financially self-sustaining,

We have learnt the potential to regenerate degraded landscapes by using well managed livestock through working with these communities and as such are seeking opportunities to ripple out impact. There is a possibility of impacting over 40 000 hectares over time as knowledge and results begin to spread. We are also situated at the heart of the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier (KAZA) Conservation Area – the largest such conservation area in the world – which has proven to be an ideal setting for the training and education programs we run for individuals, communities throughout the region. Having regenerated rangelands, economically viable and socially functional communities reduces conflicts for natural resources and the wildlife.

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